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Trump Team Is Bankrupting America. Scott Pruitt Also Used Private Jet For Govt. Business: Report



As Trump administration officials, including Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, face intense scrutiny for flights using private jets at taxpayer’s expense, a new report has revealed that Scott Pruitt, the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, also used both private and military aircraft for official travel over.

The EPA confirmed that Pruitt made one round-trip flight on a private plane and two trips on a government plane, CNN reported.

According to the news network, Pruitt flew from Cincinnati to New York’s JFK airport on an Air Force plane on June 7, before taking a flight to Italy for Group of Seven environmental summit.

A spokesman for the EPA told CNN that the use of the military plane was necessary “due to logistical obstacles and the need to schedule meetings with the Vatican before the G7 Summit.”

Pruitt also flew on a private jet on Aug. 4, from Denver to Durango, Colorado, and back, because his commercial flight had been delayed, the EPA spokesman said.

The revelation comes as the Treasury Department inspector general is looking into Mnuchin’s use of a government plane during a trip to Kentucky last month.

Price, who has called for massive spending cuts to the health agencies he oversees, has no problem spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on private jets. But after sparking public outrage after it was reported that he was using taxpayer funds for private jets, he was forced to stop wasting taxpayers money. And the HHS inspector general is reviewing Price’s use of private planes that reportedly cost taxpayers some $400,000, according to the report.

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