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Trump Just Violated Ethics Rules By Promoting Alleged Sexual Harasser On Twitter



Earlier this year, White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway was publicly reprimanded for violating ethics rules prohibiting executive branch employees from using their positions to give free advertising to for-profit companies. Well, it seems Donald Trump didn’t get the memo.

President of the United States on Thursday night used the bully pulpit to promote disgraced former right-wing propagandist Bill O’Reilly, who was fired from Fox News this spring after it was revealed that the network had paid off at least six women who had been sexually harassed by the host.

By retweeting O’Reilly’s self-promotional tweet, Trump not only violated ethics rules, he also condoned the actions of a man who has made a habit of mistreating women.

The fact that Trump is willing to ignore the laws of the land to support and even promote O’Reilly is disturbing, to say the least. Trump’s act, however, doesn’t come as a surprise as he has openly bragged about sexually assaulting women.

Twitter users were quick to point out Trump’s clear violation of the law:

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