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Trump Jr. Gets Nuked Online Over Bonkers Tweet Declaring ‘War’ On Democrats

Trump Jr. Gets Nuked Online Over Bonkers Tweet Declaring ‘War’ On Democrats

Following Sen. Susan Collins’s announcement that she will vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Donald Trump Jr. decided to insert himself in the fray with a declaration of war against Democrats.

“Trump supporters – The fight isn’t over. You better believe that Democrats are going to do everything in their power to impeach Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court if they take control of Congress in November,” tweeted Trump Jr., supposedly a private citizen whose father promised would not be involved in the political process.

“This is war,” he continued. “Time to fight. Vote on Nov 6 to protect the Supreme Court!”

There’s no question that the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court debacle has once again exposed massive divides within the United States — and one historian believes the abuse of power exhibited by President Trump and his Republican allies could trigger a civil war.

“At that point, what you’re looking at is this sense of powerlessness all around about the ability of any institution to mediate not just a political conflict, but a conflict of fundamental values,” Columbia University historian Stephanie McCurry The New York Times. “That’s maybe something like what we’re dealing with right now.”

What makes this moment particularly unusual, Public Religion Research Institute director Daniel Cox explains to the Times, is that the voters whose party is in power feel just as estranged as the voters whose party is out of power.

Even more striking, he says, is that Trump his poisoning his supporters with feelings of cultural alienation.

“Trump is continually stoking these feelings of resentment, of loss, and fear,” he said. “If you’re already primed to feel that way, getting a sort of regular dose of that kind of rhetoric I think would cause you to continue to believe it.”

To be clear, Trump Jr. and his father won. A credibly-accused attempted rapist will deliver a conservative majority to the highest court in the land, possibly for decades.

And yet, the president’s son is raging on Twitter and calling for “war” on Democrats.

People were not amused and their reponse was swift and blistering:

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