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Shocking Video Shows School Cop Body Slam a Small Child Face-First Onto Pavement

Shocking Video Shows School Cop Body Slam a Small Child Face-First Onto Pavement

A disturbing video of showing a tiny child being body slammed to the ground — face-first — by a police officer has surfaced online, and it has set the internet a buzz.

The officer was attempting to break up a schoolyard quarrel, but the way he did it is shedding light on the Northside Independent School District police department for all the wrong reasons.

The incident happened on Monday at Rawlinson Middle School in San Antonio, Texas. The student who filmed it uploaded it to Instagram Tuesday. The brief video has sparked cries of racism as well as it shows the officer allowing the white student to walk away while brutalizing the tiny black student.

A parent found the video on Instagram Tuesday and then uploaded it to Facebook with the following description, where it went viral.

“And you wonder why people are protesting the racial injustice in this country. I got this off my son’s Instagram yesterday. Notice the two kids fighting and the San Antonio police officer coming to break the fight up. He’s big enough to stop the fight between the two little kids, but he chooses to aggressively manhandle the little African American kids and lets the little Caucasian kid walk away. I don’t care who started it. As an adult even a protector of peace you need to make the right decision and we see what his decision was. Those are little kids!!! Me as a parent, I don’t care what color they were. I’m big enough and strong enough to stop the fight. Their parents would’ve been mad how I did it, but it would’ve been stopped!!!”

In the video, we see the officer, who is five times the size of the students and easily able to pull them apart, walk up to the black child, Charles “Cj’ Jackson, and slam him facedown on the pavement.

Following the incident,  Jackson’s mother got a call from Rawlinson Principal Mark Rustan, informing her that her son had been suspended for fighting with another student — he said Jackson sat on top of the other child, the San Antonio Current reported. But when the video blew out on social media,  Jackson’s mother reportedly went straight to Rustan’s office to get the story straight.

“She is very upset with the officer for what he did to her son and the school for lying to her and not suspending the other boy,” wrote the Current.

“No kid should be slammed like that,” she said.

The officer has been with the department since 2006 and has had no disciplinary actions against him during those 11 years. He has since been placed on administrative leave, according to the Northside ISD.

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“That video speaks volumes,” district spokesman Barry Perez said in a statement Thursday morning. “I would remind individuals that we are not in any way condoning his actions. They are extremely atypical of our Northside officers.”

“The Northside ISD police department and our district’s human resources department are both conducting a full investigation into this matter,”  Perez said.

Watch the video below:

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