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Trump Lawyers Warned Him About Kushner Involvement In The Russia Election Hack: Report



According to a Wall Street Journal report published Monday, some of President Donald Trump’s lawyers were so concerned with Jared Kushner’s ties to Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election that they told the president in June that his son-in-law should step down as senior White House adviser.

The President’s legal advisers were worried about Kushner’s failure to disclose several contacts with foreign entities on his security clearance form, the Journal reports.  Additionally, Kushner’s numerous business dealing with Russian officials —some of which are currently being investigated by federal and Congressional investigators — was concerning to the lawyers.

Despite all the warnings and mounting evidence surrounding Kushner ties to the Russian government, Trump was not convinced that his son-in-law presented a threat to his young presidency and ignored his Lawyers’ advice.

“I didn’t agree with the president’s view at all. I thought it was absurd and I made my views known,” lawyer John Dowd told the Journal.

You can read the full report at the Wall Street Journal.

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