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New Poll Delivers More Bad News For Trump And Republicans: Americans Overwhelmingly Favor Obamacare To GOP Bill



In a newly released poll conducted by Washington Post and ABC news, Americans delivered a blunt message to Donald Trump and his Republican allies: Obama care is here to stay.

According to the survey, the majority of Americans favor ObamaCare to the Graham-Cassidy health care legislation by more than 20 points.

Fifty-six percent of Americans surveyed said they preferred the current health care law to the latest repeal and replace legislation put forth by Senate Republicans, while only 33 percent of those polled said they supported the new legislation.

The ABC News/Washington Poll comes after the Graham-Cassidy bill suffered a major blow on Friday when Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) announced he would not vote for the legislation, opting instead to hope for a bipartisan solution.

“I cannot in good conscience vote for the Graham-Cassidy proposal. I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried,” McCain said in a statement.

McCain’s defection and Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-Ky.) earlier declaration that he would vote no forces Senate Republican leadership to attempt to win over every single other Republican in the conference.

McCain was one of three GOP senators to kill the GOP efforts in the Senate to pass an ObamaCare repeal bill last July. The other two Republicans to vote no on that legislation, Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and Maine’s Susan Collins, have not said how they intend to vote on the Graham-Cassidy measure.

was conducted on Sept. 18-21, 2017 among 1,002 adults. The survey has a sampling error of 3.5 percentage points.

Fifty percent of Americans polled preferred ObamaCare by 50 percent, while just 24 percent of those polled approved of the “skinny” bill repeal efforts in July.

As Political Dig reports, the Graham-Cassidy legislation is even more devastating than the previous GOP healthcare bill. It not only repeals the signature healthcare law, it also proposes spending cuts for state education funding from Kindergarten through college.

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