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Former Democratic Candidate Welcomes 70 Irma-Displaced Foster Kids To His $30 Million Home

In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Florida millionaire and former Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, Marc Dell, has not only given 70 displaced foster children a place to stay, he’s restored our faith in humanity.

When the storm was barreling down on the Miami area, the 70 foster kids at the SOS Children’s Village Florida were moved into an emergency shelter. They spent five days there, but when the storm finally passed, they learned their home was without power—and the kids, who had nowhere to go to begin with, were in a bind.

Foster children don’t get a lot of breaks, especially in the midst of a natural disaster. But upon hearing of their plight, Marc Bell, a millionaire and board member of their foster care community, opened the doors to his $30 million, 27,000 square foot mansion and took in all of the kids, Fortune Magazine reports.

“Today, we had manicures for the little girls,” Bell said. “We got Bobby the balloon guy coming later to entertain them. Yesterday during dinner, we had a singer come who plays guitar and sang songs with them.”

And that’s not all. Mr. Bell also had a room filled with arcade games and pool and air hockey tables for the kids to play.

“It has, by all accounts, been one heck of a good time,” Bell told the publication.

Bell, a former Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives, says it’s unclear how long the children will be staying at his house. In the meantime, he has set up a GoFundMe page to help make the foster community habitable again.

Leave it to a Democrat to help children in need.

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