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Jared Kushner’s Email Scandal May Accelerate Mueller’s Takedown Of Donald Trump

Jared Kushner’s Email Scandal May Accelerate Mueller’s Takedown Of Donald Trump

Yesterday,  it was reported that President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and White House senior adviser Jared Kushner used a private email to conduct White House business. Now, his email traffic has become a critical piece of evidence for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. But more importantly, itand may have accelerated Mueller’s takedown of Donald Trump.

The scandal sets a new bar for irony. During the election, then-candidate Trump —and the media— spent the campaign flat out lying about a “Hillary Clinton private email scandal” that turned out not to have been a scandal at all. It also sets a new bar for hypocrisy.

Kushner has been under scrutiny in the ongoing Russia probes, which have expanded to include potential obstruction of justice by the president and his aides since January. We’ll soon find out whether Kushner indeed broke the law with his use of private email while on the job.

If it turns out Kushner did something illegal in the process, Mueller’s job of getting to Trump just became a whole lot easier.

There’s no doubt that Kushner committed felonies when he filled out his security clearance forms. But he may be banking on an “I forgot” defense to get him off the hook.

Kushner may have also committed some variation of treason with his Russia meetings, but that requires overwhelming proof of intent. On the other hand, the email thing is an entirely different case.

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Kushner was part of a presidential election in which Donald Trump routinely insisted that Hillary Clinton broke the law by using private email. This is enough to demonstrate that Kushner would have been well versed in laws about private email usage by the time the election was over. He, therefore, has no deniability when it comes to any crimes he went on to commit with his use of private email to conduct government business.

Mueller’s difficulty in flipping Kushner is that he’s not going to be able to convince the guy to take his own father-in-law down unless he’s doing it to avoid prison. So it’s time to indict Kushner.

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