John Kelly Destroys Ann Coulter For Joking About Hurricane Irma Victims Dying


In a rare move, the usually calmed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly blasted right-wing commentator Ann Coulter on Sunday for joking about the victims of Hurricane Irma.

Coulter’s callously tweeted in all-caps warning that Miami residents are “AT RISK OF DYING FROM BOREDOM.”

Her tweet — which disregarded four deaths already attributed to Irma — irked Kelly who fired back, writing:

“Hard to understand the point of making light of honest attempts to warn people of danger.”

Twitter users congratulated Kelly for calling the conservative demagogue out.

One user, XDaneelOlivaw‏, pointed out that Coulter owns a home in Palm Beach, writing:

“Coulter needs a reality check. She’ll be the first one applying for disaster relief. Maybe you can draft her and give her a dose of reality.”

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