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BREAKING: Multiple Children Were Just Shot At A Daycare By A Toddler



The worst possible nightmare became a reality when a toddler at a home day-care facility discovered a gun and shot two other toddlers with it on Wednesday. The incident highlights the dangers of America’s reckless relationship with firearms.

The horrific incident took place in Dearborn, Michigan, Associated Press reported.  Following the shooting, the children, both aged three, have been hospitalized in “serious ” condition.

According to Gun, 537 children under the age of eleven have been killed or injured by gun violence in the United States this year alone

It’s disheartening to see how incidents can happen week in and week out and the nation merely shrugs and moves on. Schools, daycare centers, movie theaters, workplaces – far from keeping us safer, there’s now nowhere we can go without the ominous threat of a shooting occurring at any moment.

Sadly, far from taking any actions to address the epidemic of gun violence in the United States and the reckless proliferation of deadly firearms to an astonishingly irresponsible civilian populace, the Trump administration and the Republican Congress have taken it upon themselves to help make it easier for people to get their hands on deadly weapons.

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