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Steve Bannon Just Made It Easier For Muller To Prosecute Trump For ‘Obstruction Of Justice’



Former Trump senior adviser Steve Bannon has sparked a lot of chatter for telling Charlie Rose on “60 Minutes” that President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey may have been the worst mistake in “modern political history” and that it makes it easy for special Counsel Robert Mueller to make an obstruction of justice case against Trump.

Bannon said that the “angry, meandering” draft White House justification for firing Comey — which was never released, but obtained by Mueller — could be used as evidence of Trump’s unvarnished thinking when venting to staff.

There’s a good reason that Vice President Pence has hired a lawyer, Bannon said. Mueller plans to interview a slew of current and former West Wing aides who were with Trump during those frantic days, and know what he was saying and what was on his mind.

As noted by Axios, Republicans close to the White House say every sign by Mueller — from his hiring of Mafia and money-laundering experts to his aggressive pursuit of witnesses and evidence — is that he’s going for the kill.

Trump allies fret that the White House is ill-prepared for the public showdown with Mueller that will eventually come, and should be making legal, political and constitutional arguments for the president’s right to fire Comey. Statements by Trump lawyers tend to rattle, rather than reassure, White House allies.

Trump associates revealed that Trump has mused about firing Mueller. But now, one associate said, the damage would be as horrendous as “firing the Pope.”

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